We partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers such as MITI, Eschler-Schoeller, DuPont, Plastotex, GORE and others to offer the very latest best-in-class fabrics. The fit, feel and performance of S1 products are a resultant of very deliberate choices in fabric technology, because after all, a kit needs to perform day in and day out as well as look good.

The fabrics chosen offer several key features such as compression, sun protection (UPF), breathability, windproof and waterproof performance, moisture management and aerodynamics. Below are just a few examples of fabrics utilized to make every ride or race better.


POWER LYCRA®, produced by DuPont, combines high compression force with outstanding freedom of movement elevating performance levels by reducing muscle fatigue and improving proprioception. Research has shown that fatigue (strength, endurance, and power) can be significantly reduced by wearing POWER LYCRA® products.


SPEED® is an ultra-high performance fabric designed to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics. The unique SPEED® woven design enhances aerodynamic efficiencies by creating a boundary layer effect disrupting airflow around strategic regions of the rider body such as the shoulders, arms and chest. SPEED® is a lightweight fabric that also provides excellent muscle compression improving performance.


Dark colors build heat in direct sunlight because they absorb both the visible and invisible elements of the sun’s rays. Utilized in several of our products, Coldblack® is a special finishing technology that reduces heat build-up on dark fabrics. It is ideal for performance cycling apparel as it offers a minimum UV protection of UPF 30 and in testing has shown to reduce rider temperatures on average 10° F thus reducing perspiration and increasing performance.


WINDTEX® is a lightweight and elastic heat regulating membrane developed and produced in Italy by Vagotex. It is 100% wind and waterproof and through its excellent breathability maintains a microclimate between the skin and fabric regulating body temperature, it is an ideal choice for vests and jackets.


Carbon Ceramic utilizes carbon yarn and a state-of-the-art ceramic treatment to offer an extremely abrasion resistant performance fabric ideal for bib shorts or jerseys. Not only is it especially useful in cycling apparel for its durability, but the treatment also leaves the fabric’s breathability and wicking capabilities unchanged.


THERMOLITE® provides warmth without bulk, thus drastically reducing the number of layers needed to keep the body warm during cold-weather training. THERMOLITE® consists of seven-hole fibers that hold more air and provide superior warmth and insulation even if the fibers are wet. THERMOLITE® is exceptionally durable and is able to resist the strains of intense training and repeated washing. THERMOLITE® is warmer than other fabrics at equal weight and has superior moisture vapor transport properties.


DRAGONFLY® is a high-performance fabric from Italian manufacturer MITI noted for its breathability and moisture wicking properties. DRAGONFLY® additionally features UPF 50+ sun protection and has superb antibacterial properties.


Reflective elements that include piping, tape and even fully sublimatable fabrics are utilized for increased visibility and safety in low-light conditions. Pixel® fabric membrane from Plastotex is a revolutionary fabric that has refractive elements impregnated directly in the fibers. When Pixel® is exposed to direct light, such as headlights, the fabric illuminates. During the day the fabric looks and wears like any standard garment.